We help clients analyze their intellectual property profile. An inward focused analysis concentrates on how you can maximize the value of your intellectual property, including defining strategies to successful leverage your IP, and obtaining the right types of protection within your budget. Based on the risk tolerance and market position of the client, this might include analyzing portfolios and evaluating potential acquisitions and divestitures opportunities. We will work with you to identify areas for protection and select patentable inventions for monetization. An outward focused analysis involves identifying and analyzing threats in the marketplace, including acquiring licenses, and preparing product clearance and freedom to operate assessments. Both analyses are combined to determine the optimal and appropriate strategies for you.

Ultimately, our approach to every matter is driven by forming a partnership with you. Protecting and monetizing intellectual property often requires combining technical and business knowledge. By understanding your technology and business we ensure that the strategies developed and implemented align with your commercial objectives. On this strong foundation, we can maximize your opportunities to manage, protect, value, monetize, and leverage your intellectual property.