Darwin IP Advisors leverages a matrix approach regularly engaging and collaborating with licensing executives, experienced intellectual property attorneys and senior product engineers we have worked with for over 20 years to:

  1. Assess, Analyze and Value Intellectual Property Portfolios
  2. Reverse Engineer Products to Determine Infringement, and Assess Patents for Relevance and Applicability to Standards
  3. Develop Strategies to Secure the Appropriate IP Rights.

The core team has a combined experience of more than 150 years in consumer products and sophisticated electronic products and systems deployed in the aerospace and defense industries.

Darwin IP Advisors provides practical solutions for our clients. We understand the business realities of engineering and product development, the financial and resource restrictions of our clients, and the impacts of the competitive market. The extensive legal, technology and business experiences of this matrix is applied to enable our clients to leverage their intellectual property while developing and implementing pragmatic, business-focused solutions.

Representative Competencies

Technologies Functions Products
Audio/Video Processing Interactivity/Interoperability DTV & DSTB (Satellite, Cable, Telco)
Compression Standards User interface Mobile Phones and Devices
Wireless Standards EPG / IPG 2nd Screens & Projectors (desk top & PICO)
Mobile Communication Standards On-Screen Display GPS Devices & A/V Systems
Audio Coding Formats Trick Play Home Security & Networks
Signal Acquisition DVR (Local / Network) Semiconductors (Laser Diodes, LCD, OLED)
Modulation Voice Recognition Services
Internet Technology Watermarking & Security PayTV & VOD & OTT Services
Communications Digital Rights Management Cable/Satellite/Broadcast/Telco
Networking Network Management Social Media
Encryption High Dynamic Range Interactive Television


  • Audio/Video Processing
  • Compression, CODECs,
    and Wireless AVC, SVC, HEVC/H.265, MPEG 2 and 4, WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE/3G/4G, MP3, etc.
  • Signal Acquisition
  • Modulation
  • Internet Technology
  • Communications
  • Networking
  • Encryption


  • Interactivity/Interoperability
  • User interface
  • EPG / IPG
  • On-Screen Display
  • Trick Play
  • DVR (Local / Network)
  • Voice Recognition
  • Watermarking & Security
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Network Management
  • High Dynamic Range


  • DTV & DSTB (Satellite, Cable, Telco)
  • Mobile Phones and Devices
  • 2nd Screens & Projectors (desk top & PICO)
  • GPS Devices & A/V Systems
  • Home Security & Networks
  • Semiconductors (Laser Diodes, LCD, OLED)


  • PayTV & VOD & OTT Services
  • Cable/Satellite/Broadcast/Telco
  • Social Media
  • Interactive Television